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gabriela burck
Production Designer, Producer and Director. 

Gabriela  has a bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Production from UNISINOS (2015), with majors in Production Design, Production, Script and Direction. In 2021, she was selected for "Talents Buenos Aires", the largest cinematographic forum in South America. Gabriela is a member of BRA.DA - Brazilian Production Designers Collective.

She has worked as a production designer in cinema since 2014, having signed 5 feature films and 18 short films, in addition to working in advertising, fashion films and video art films. Her works have premiered or been selected at important film festivals, such as the Berlin International Film Festival, Festival de Cine de La Habana, Festival International du Film de la Roche-sur-Yon and Tiradentes Film Festival (“Sisters in the end of the world”, directed by Luciana Mazeto and Vinícius Lopes - 2020); São Paulo International Film Festival, Fantaspoa and Olhar de Cinema (“Ana's Farewell”, directed by Luciana Mazeto and Vinícius Lopes -2021); Kinoforum: São Paulo International Short Film Festival (“O Plantador”, directed by Jonas Costa, 2017); La Mano Fest España (“The Elevator Shaft”, directed by Fernando Mantelli, 2015).

In 2022 she received the award for Best Production Design of a feature film for the movie “Ana's Farewell” at the 50th Gramado Film Festival. In the same edition of the Festival, she also received the award for Best Production Design for the short film "A Diferença Entre Mongóis e Mongolóides", a film that also granted her the award for Best Production Design at the 5th Santa Cruz Film Festival.

Her most recent works, currently in post production stage, are: the feature film “Barões detrás do Morro” (directed by Germano de Oliveira and produced by Vulcana Cinema, Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre and Avante Filmes); the feature film “Keep Going” (directed by Theo Tajes and produced by Okna Produções Culturais and The Darma Lovers);  the feature film “One in a Thousand” (directed by Jonatas and Tiago Rubert and produced by Faço Filmes and Seu Filme); the short film “Flor" (directed by Joana Bernardes)”;  and the short film  “Pele de Coelho” (directed byThainá Silva and Denise Marchi).

In addition to her work as a production designer, she acted as a producer in various film festivals ("Mostra Ela na Tela", "CineAbacaxi", "DIA - International Animation Day"), short films (“Phytotherapy”, directed by Eduardo Piotroski, “Mariposas”, directed by Renata Heinz, “Before they forget me”, directed by Julia Sondermann, among many others), and advertising videos, having worked with brands such as Petrobrás, Youcom, Róca and Bienal do Mercosul.

As director and screenwriter, she made her first short film, “A Que Chamamos Aurora”, in 2014. The film was screened in several film festivals in Argentina and Brazil, such as the 11th Cortos Penca Festival, CineEsquemaNovo, Festival Toró de Belém do Pará, Curta Bike POA among others. At the MOUC POA 2015 Exhibition, the film received the award for Best Montage. “A Que Chamamos Aurora” has been available on the Sulflix streaming platform since 2022. In 2016, she released the short film “Confesión”, an experimental documentary about the work of artist Oswaldo Maciá, a partnership with the Bienal do Mercosul. She is currently developing the project “After April”, a series of 8 episodes about the civil-military dictatorship and the Brazilian armed combat in the south of Brazil.

Gabriela works mainly in Porto Alegre (BR) and Buenos Aires (AR).

In 2021, she founded Loba Films.

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