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Eduardo piotroski

Screenwriter, Director and Producer. 

Eduardo graduated in Cinema and Television from PUCRS in 2012, and has worked on many short films, television series and feature films with screenings at national and international festivals, such as the short documentary “Stone Engravings And The Three-colored Chickenpox Tale”, shown at the International Rotterdam Film Festival in 2018. He scripted the short films “Sem Créditos no Final” (2010), and “Todo o Lugar é Lugar de Carnaval” (2015), both exhibited on Brazilian television networks. 

Eduardo has collaborated with several partners in audiovisual productions, such as the Goethe Institut Porto Alegre, Fronteiras do Pensamento, Bienal do Mercosul, Cia. Zaffari, among other events and cultural agents. In 2017, also through the Goethe Institut, he directed the video “The works of Thomas Killper at Vila Flores”. In the same year, he produced the photographic exhibition “Ore Reko Regua'', showcased at the RS State Institute of Visual Arts.

In 2016, he co-produced the 11th edition of the film festival Cine Esquema Novo, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2018, he produced the festival III Tela Indígena, an event that showcased movies made by indigenous people. Eduardo acted as Associate Producer and Assistant Director on the feature film “Sisters in the end of the world”, released in 2020 at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. He is the Executive Producer of the feature film “Ana's Farewell”, awarded Best Brazilian Film at the 2023 edition of the film festival FANTASPOA. He is also Director and Screenwriter of the feature film project "White Folks Have no Soul", currently in development stage. 

In 2023, he worked in the production team of the feature-length documentary "One in a Thousand”, and the feature film “Virgínia and Adelaide”, directed by Jorge Furtado. Also in 2023, he wrote and directed the short film "Phytotherapy", showcased at several film festivals in Brazil. 

Eduardo co-founded Loba Films in 2021.

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